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Agar Scientific offers a wide range of chemicals and accessories for grid and en-block staining including Lead citrate and Uranyl acetate which are the most widely used stains for ultrathin sections. We also offer selection of negative stains including Phosphotungstic acid and Methylamine tungstate. Methylamine tungstate does not damage virus particles and is consequently valuable for staining delicate viruses.

Various accessories and grid holders facilitate the staining of multiple grids. A simple numbered grid holder and handle enables the staining 25 grids, and fits into standard Petri dishes for immunocytochemistry and post staining.

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  1. UA-Zero - non-radioactive EM Stain

    UA-Zero non-radioactive EM Stain

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    UA-Zero® EM Stain is a trouble-free solution developed as a direct substitute for Uranyl Acetate.

  2. Uranyl Acetate

    Uranyl Acetate 25g

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    Uranyl acetate. EM grade universal stain.

    Part no: AGR1260A

  3. UA-Zero

    Uranyl Acetate Alternatives

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    Uranyl Acetate alternatives, non radioactive.
  4. Lead Citrate

    Lead Citrate 50g

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    Part no: AGR1210

  5. Osmium Tetroxide

    Osmium Tetroxide

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    Osmium Tetroxide, OsO4, is a useful chemical compound that finds application as a staining and fixing agent for use in electron microscopy.

  6. Ruthenium Tetroxide

    Ruthenium Tetroxide - 5 x 10ml

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    0.5% stabilised aqueous solution.

    Part no: AGR1027

  7. Ruthenium red.

    Ruthenium Red

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    Ruthenium red. Positive stain.

  8. Lead Nitrate

    Lead Nitrate 500g

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    Part no: AGR1217

  9. Ammonium molybdate

    Ammonium molybdate

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    Ammonium molybdate.
  10. Phosphotungstic Acid 25g

    Phosphotungstic Acid 25g

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    Part no: AGR1213

  11. Grid staining system

    Grid staining system

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    Grid staining system for 25 grids, consisting of numbered grid holder and handle, cover and staining vessels (two supplied).
  12. Grid coating pen

    Grid coating pen

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    Pen designed to apply a thin layer of adhesive to grids with minimal pressure.

    Part no: AGG3538

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