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Resin embedding consumables

Agar Scientific offers a wide range of consumables for resin embedding of specimens for TEM. These include an extensive range of mould shapes and sizes, available for pyramid or flat embedding methods, including Micro moulds, Easy moulds along with a variety of dishes. For added convenience the embedding in one of the many pre shaped BEEM capsules ensures minimal trimming prior to sectioning. Our range of flat silicone rubber embedding moulds with numbered cavities is ideal where orientation of the specimen is crucial. The moulds are very flexible, aiding release of polymerised blocks.

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  1. KonductoMet

    KonductoMet, 450g

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    KonductoMet® is a conductive thermosetting phenolic compression mounting resin with low electrical resistance

    Part no: AGB8788

  2. Tri-Pour® beakers

    Tri-Pour beakers

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    Polypropylene Tri-Pour® Beakers graduated in 10ml increments.
  3. Tight fitting caps for Tri-Pour beakers
  4. Disposable polyethylene storage syringes

    Disposable polyethylene storage syringes

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    Ungraduated, polyethylene syringes suitable for frozen storage of embedding media, ready for convenient dispensing into capsules.
  5. Micromoulds


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    Self-supporting strips of 10 size 00 (8mm dia) numbered embedding moulds.
  6. Flat embedding moulds

    Flat embedding moulds

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    Flat silicone rubber embedding moulds with a choice of cavities.
  7. Beem® capsules

    Beem capsules

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    These are pre-shaped polyethylene moulds with hinged lids.
  8. Aluminium dishes

    Aluminium dishes

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    Disposable aluminium resin embedding dishes with finger grip handle
  9. Microcentrifuge tubes

    Microcentrifuge tubes

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    Transparent polypropylene, 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes with 0.5ml graduations.
  10. Snap-Fit® gelatin capsules

    Snap-Fit gelatin capsules

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    Snap-Fit® gelatin capsules, useful for embedding specimens and storage of small items.

  11. Easy-moulds


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    These polyethylene moulds have transparent tips, which facilitate rapid specimen orientation.
  12. Embedding capsules (flat ended)

    Embedding capsules (flat ended)

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    Flat ended capsules, 8mm in diameter, available in polyethylene for embedding at temperatures up to 75°C, or polypropylene for embedding at temperatures up to 100°C.
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