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  1. FIB prepared, ultra-thin TEM sectioning service

    FIB prepared TEM sectioning service

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    FIB prepared TEM sections (Foils/Lamella) prepared from your sample.
  2. Diamond Grids

    Diamond Grids

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    Diamond grids are made of pure synthetic diamond, and are used with heat sensitive samples.
  3. TransOptic

    TransOptic, 2.3kg

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    TransOptic is a fast acting, transparent thermoplastic acrylic mounting material.

    Part no: AGB8787

  4. KonductoMet

    KonductoMet, 450g

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    KonductoMet® is a conductive thermosetting phenolic compression mounting resin with low electrical resistance

    Part no: AGB8788

  5. Metal mounting clips

    Metal mounting clips. Pack of 100

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    Metal clips ideal for holding thin samples during cross-sectioning.

    Part no: AGB8837

  6. Stainless Steel Mesh

    Stainless Steel Mesh 150mm x 150mm

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    Stainless steel mesh in 150mm squares, suitable for supporting grids during specimen preparation.

    Part no: AGG252

  7. Settlement dish

    Settlement dish

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    Settlement dish, 135mm diameter, with drain tap.

    Part no: AGG341

  8. FIB SEM mould for biological specimens

    FIB SEM mould for biological specimens

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    This silicone rubber mould has been developed in collaboration with Cancer Research UK's London laboratories.

    Part no: AGG3504

  9. Hot Vac mini vacuum desiccator

    Hot Vac mini vacuum desiccator

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    An inexpensive, miniature vacuum desiccator to warm embedding plastics while removing gas bubbles.

    Part no: AGG3519

  10. Giammara-Hanker Cast-A-Slide translucent mould

    Giammara-Hanker Cast-A-Slide translucent mould

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    This silicone rubber mould produces two slides.

    Part no: AGG3524

  11. Plastic embedding stubs

    Plastic embedding stubs

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    Manufactured from rigid plastic which bonds to all resins.

    Part no: AGG3552

  12. Gelatin capsule holder

    Gelatin capsule holder

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    Holder for 15 size 00 gelatin capsules, for easy embedding.

    Part no: AGG3567

Set Descending Direction

Items 1-12 of 405