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  1. FIB prepared, ultra-thin TEM sectioning service

    FIB prepared TEM sectioning service

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    FIB prepared TEM sections (Foils/Lamella) prepared from your sample.
  2. Stainless Steel Mesh

    Stainless Steel Mesh 150mm x 150mm

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    Stainless steel mesh in 150mm squares, suitable for supporting grids during specimen preparation.

    Part no: AGG252

  3. Settlement dish

    Settlement dish

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    Settlement dish, 135mm diameter, with drain tap.

    Part no: AGG341

  4. Grid coating plates

    Grid coating plates

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    Made from nickel plate, these can accommodate up to fifty 3.05mm grids.

    Part no: AGG3653

  5. EpoxiCure?


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    EpoxiCure is a two part, general purpose epoxy resin suitable for heat sensitive specimens due to its low curing temperature (28°C/82 °F).
  6. Arrandee? gold-coated substrates

    Arrandee gold-coated substrates

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    Arrandee gold-coated substrates use a borosilicate glass base of 0.7mm thickness.
  7. Replication materials

    Replication materials

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    Cellulose acetate sheets and tape provide a quick and convenient means of replicating surfaces, particularly from large objects which cannot be sectioned.
  8. Specimen circlip injector and circlips

    Specimen circlip injector circlips

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    Spare Tungsten wire, split spring circlips.

  9. Quartz substrate discs

    Quartz substrate discs

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    Quartz discs, or wafers, are made from high quality fused quartz, ground and polished to optical grade on both sides.
  10. Crystal substrates

    Crystal substrates

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    High purity optical grade single crystals of sodium chloride, potassium bromide and potassium chloride are excellent substrates for growing epitaxial films.

  11. Microscope slides

    Microscope slides

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    High quality microscope slides manufactured in Germany.
  12. Carestream electron microscope film

    Kodak/Carestream electron microscope film

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    Kodak/Carestream electron microscope films are designed to offer high image quality for a wide range of transmission electron micrography (TEM) and electron diffraction studies.
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Items 1-12 of 354