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Mounting tabs & adhesives

Mounting tabs & adhesives

Agar offers a range of temporary and permanent methods for sticking specimens to supports for viewing in the SEM.

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  1. Carbon adhesive discs

    Carbon adhesive discs

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    Carbon based, electrically conductive, double sided adhesive discs, also known as Leit tabs.
  2. Carbon conductve adhesive tapes

    Carbon conductive adhesive tapes

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    Electrically conductive, non-porous carbon tapes suitable for SEM or EDX applications.
  3. Spectrotabs


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    Spectrotabs have a much lower level of impurities than standard carbon (Leit) tabs, avoiding anomalous results during X-ray analysis of small particles and powders.
  4. Conducting carbon cement (Leit-C)

    Conducting carbon cement (Leit-C)

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    This is a suspension of very fine conducting carbon particles in a volatile carrier, suitable for forming conducting bonds between specimens and stubs.
  5. Agar fast drying silver suspension

    Agar fast drying silver suspension

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    A very fine flake silver is suspended in methyl isobutylketone (4-methylpentan-2-one) and forms a thin, smooth, highly conductive silver film which is both adherent and flexible.

  6. Acheson Silver DAG 1415 M

    Acheson Silver DAG 1415 M

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    The genuine replacement for DAG 915, used widely in electron microscopy and electronic circuitry for capacitor terminations, electrostatic screening, coating of UHF reflectors and electroplating on non-conductors.

  7. DAG 580 dry film lubricant

    DAG 580 dry film lubricant

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    DAG 580 is a graphite lubricant which forms a thin, dry film.

    Part no: AGG3656A

  8. Conductive silver paint

    Conductive silver paint

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    Fast drying, alcohol based silver paint.
  9. Colloidal graphite (Aquadag)

    Colloidal graphite (Aquadag) 500g

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    This is a preparation of fine, pure colloidal graphite in water.

    Part no: AGG303

  10. Conductive metal tapes

    Conductive metal tapes

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    Copper tape, 12mm wide, with an electrically conductive adhesive.
  11. Conductive carbon discs

    Conductive carbon discs, roll of 250

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    Conductive carbon adhesive tabs with a thin film of strong adhesive, approximately 12.5mm diameter.

    Part no: AGG3111

  12. Carbon Conductive Tabs

    PELCO Tabs Carbon Conductive Tabs, Double Coated

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    Available in 6mm & 9mm diameter
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Items 1-12 of 42