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  1. Semclip 50 x 6 x M4 Cylinder Mount, 8 clip
  2. Tempfix™ Adhesive Set

    Tempfix™ Adhesive Set

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    Part no: AG16030

  3. PLANOTEC X-ray beam finder

    PLANOTEC X-ray beam finder

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    5 x 5mm silicon chip coated with P47 phosphor.

    Part no: AGB7321

  4. Metal mounting clips

    Metal mounting clips. Pack of 100

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    Metal clips ideal for holding thin samples during cross-sectioning.

    Part no: AGB8837

  5. Scintillator discs - Plano P47

    Scintillator discs - Plano P47

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    All discs are 1mm thick, unless otherwise specified.
  6. Specimen containers for CPD

    Specimen containers for CPD

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    Specimen containers for processing specimens in a critical point dryer.
  7. EpoThin low viscosity epoxy resin

    EpoThin 2 low viscosity epoxy

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    A free flowing, low viscosity, low shrinkage epoxy resin that is ideal for use with porous and heat sensitive samples.
  8. Epokwick® fast curing epoxy

    Epokwick fast curing epoxy

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    EpoKwick is a transparent, quick setting epoxy resin that cures in 90 minutes.
  9. EpoxiCure?


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    EpoxiCure is a two part, general purpose epoxy resin suitable for heat sensitive specimens due to its low curing temperature (28°C/82 °F).
  10. SamplKwick®


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    SamplKwick® is a semi-transparent, high viscosity rapid curing acrylic cold mounting compound.
  11. VariDur 10

    VariDur 10

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    VariDur 10 is a high hardness, high viscosity, semi-transparent, acrylic cold mounting compound with superior abrasion resistance and edge retention.
  12. EpoFix low viscosity epoxy resin

    EpoFix Resin

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    A low viscosity epoxy cold mounting system curing at room temperature.
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Items 1-12 of 409