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Ruthenium Tetroxide - 5 x 10ml

0.5% stabilised aqueous solution.

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0.5% stabilised aqueous solution. Ruthenium tetroxide is very similar to osmium tetroxide and is used as an EM fixative/stain. It gives excellent staining of saturated and unsaturated polymer materials with improved image contrast. RuO4 also has a stabilising effect against electron beam damage of material films. Note: penetration of ruthenium tetroxide into tissue is poor. Store at 4°C.

5 x 10ml ampoules.

Please note: These products require refrigeration storage between 2-8˚C. As a result, and to retain the integrity of the product, we will not ship on Fridays or where we cannot confirm a next day delivery. Additionally we cannot accept customers returns for these products if ordered in error as the storage has been outside our control.

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Ruthenium Tetroxide - 5 x 10ml
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Ruthenium Tetroxide

  • Ruthenium Tetroxide