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Thick slot grids - Nickel

Double thickness slot Nickel grids 25 - 30µm. 3.05mm diameter.

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Double thickness Nickel slot grids 25 - 30µm ensure that specimens bridging the slot, which naturally sag a little, are not destroyed by touching the surface on which the grid rests. Slots are 2mm long.

3.05mm diameter

Description Code Stock Unit Price Qty
Athene Thick 2mm x 500um Slots Nickel 3.05mm (Tube of 100) AGG220TN6 Lead time:
28 days
Athene Thick 2mm x 1000um Slots Nickel 3.05mm (Tube of 100) AGG220TN7 In Stock EA




Thick slot TEM grids - Nickel

  • Thick slot TEM grids - Nickel

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