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  1. Square mesh TEM grids - Copper / Palladium. 50, 75, 100, 150 mesh

    Square mesh grids - Copper / Palladium

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    3.05mm diameter, square mesh grids. Copper / Palladium
  2. AGMS-040UN

    Table top microscopes plus HookUpz Universal Smartphone Adapter

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    Three specially priced combinations of Carson table top microscopes plus a Hookupz smartphone adapter.

  3. Thin film apertures

    Thin film apertures

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    Thin film apertures are frequently used in the objective lenses of high resolution and electron beam lithography instruments.
  4. Apertures - 10.0 x 0.1mm

    Apertures - 10.0 x 0.1mm

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    10mm dia, 0.1mm thick. Molybdenum High quality disc apertures for use in electron microscopes, Focus Ion Beam, microprobe and X-ray systems.
  5. Apertures

    Apertures - 4.0 x 0.2mm

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    4mm dia, 0.2mm thick. Molybdenum. High quality disc apertures for use in electron microscopes, Focus Ion Beam, microprobe and X-ray systems.
  6. Resolution Test Specimen tin on carbon

    Tin on carbon AGS1967 - resolution test specimen

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    Resolution test specimen with a particle size range from approximately 10 - 100nm.
  7. Pelco® gold specimen

    Pelco gold specimen

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    This specimen consists of gold platelets with a wide size range and sharp, clearly defined edges, making it useful for determining and correcting astigmatism, and verifying instrument resolution.
  8. Nalgene cryoware labels

    Nalgene cryoware labels

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    Nalgene® cloth labels are specifically designed to adhere to plastic and cardboard at ultra low temperatures.

    Part no: AGG3731

  9. Special Metal TEM grids - Titanium

    Special Metal grids - Titanium

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    In addition to the standard copper, nickel and gold grids, we offer a wide range of grids of other metals. These include aluminium (Al), molybdenum (Mo), stainless steel (SS) and titanium (Ti) for specialist applications. Purity 99%. 3.05mm diameter.
  10. Maxtaform TEM finder grids - Nickel

    Maxtaform finder grids - Nickel

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    Finder grids offer a simple mechanism for identifying the exact position of points of interest within a specimen.
  11. Thin bar TEM grids - Nickel 200, 300, 400, mixed mesh

    Thin bar TEM grids - Nickel

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    These thin bar grids are designed to give the highest transmission to maximise the viewable area of the specimen.
  12. Parallell bar TEM grids - Nickel. 50 and 75 mesh.

    Parallel bar grids - Nickel

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    Parallel bar grids have a wide variety of uses, and are particularly suited to obtaining sequential information from ribbons of sections.
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Items 1-12 of 75