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Magnetic followers and retrievers

A range of magnetic followers.

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A range of magnetic followers is available, coated in chemically resistant PTFE with a maximum working temperature of 300°C.

Two magnetic retrievers are available, in either polypropylene or PTFE.

Description Code Stock Unit Price Qty
12mm Magnetic Follower (Pack of 3) AGG3778 Lead time:
7 days
20mm Magnetic Followers (Pack of 3) AGG3779 Lead time:
7 days
25mm Magnetic Followers (Pack of 3) AGG3780 In Stock EA
40mm Magnetic Followers (Pack of 3) AGG3781 Lead time:
60 days
Magnetic Retriever, PTFE, 8mm dia x 350mm AGG3783 In Stock EA

Magnetic followers and retrievers

  • Magnetic followers and retrievers