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Magnetic followers and retrievers

A range of magnetic followers.

All prices exclude VAT.

A range of magnetic followers is available, coated in chemically resistant PTFE with a maximum working temperature of 300°C.

Two magnetic retrievers are available, in either polypropylene or PTFE.

Description Code Stock Unit Price Qty
12mm Magnetic Follower (Pack of 3) AGG3778 In Stock EA
20mm Magnetic Followers (Pack of 3) AGG3779 In Stock EA
25mm Magnetic Followers (Pack of 3) AGG3780 Lead time:
14 days
40mm Magnetic Followers (Pack of 3) AGG3781 Lead time:
60 days
Magnetic Retriever, PTFE, 8mm dia x 350mm AGG3783 Lead time:
14 days

Magnetic followers and retrievers

  • Magnetic followers and retrievers