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Tissue processing consumables

Agar Scientific offers a comprehensive range of chemicals and accessories for processing and staining of biological specimens. Processing Cassettes are available for tissue processing with a selection of Paraffin waxes with varying polymer content and melting points.

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  1. 1.5ml Conical Microtubes

    1.5ml Conical Microtubes

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    1.5ml conical microtubes are available in nine different colours.
  2. Preparation Tubes 5ml

    5ml Preparation Tubes Conical

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    5ml conical tubes ideal for solution preparation, both biological and chemical.
  3. 100 & 200 Place Polypropylene Storage Boxes

    Blackline Microtubes and Storage boxes

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    Completely opaque tubes and boxes ideal for the storage of photo sensitive solutions.
  4. Tamper Evident Microtube

    Tamper Evident Microtubes

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    Tamper evident microtubes available in five different colours.
  5. Transport Tubes with Security Caps

    Transport Tubes with Security Caps

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    Transport tubes available in 5ml or 10ml.
  6. Microcentrifuge tubes

    Microcentrifuge tubes

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    Transparent polypropylene, 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes with 0.5ml graduations.
  7. Beem® capsules

    Beem capsules

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    These are pre-shaped polyethylene moulds with hinged lids.
  8. Snap-Fit® gelatin capsules

    Snap-Fit gelatin capsules

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    Snap-Fit® gelatin capsules, useful for embedding specimens and storage of small items.

  9. Plates with polished cavities

    Plates with polished cavities

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    Plates with 12 polished cavities.
  10. Processing Cassettes

    Processing Cassettes

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    These are moulded plastic units for processing and embedding.
  11. Aclar film

    Aclar film

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    ACLAR® is a transparent thermoplastic film which cells readily adhere to for fixation, dehydrating and embedding.

  12. Disposable polyethylene storage syringes

    Disposable polyethylene storage syringes

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    Ungraduated, polyethylene syringes suitable for frozen storage of embedding media, ready for convenient dispensing into capsules.
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-12 of 29