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Manual Sputter Coater

An easy-to-use basic sputter coater for gold coating of SEM specimens.

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This is a easy-to-use basic instrument for gold coating of SEM specimens. It has fully variable current control, a digital process timer with pause option, a variable height specimen table, a hinged top plate and an O-ring sealed vacuum chamber. The control allows the sputter current to be set independently of the gas pressure, which is adjusted separately by a manual leak valve. Coverage and grain size are optimised for any specimen. The cool magnetron type head with 57mm diameter target gives efficient sputtering with minimal heating. Coating time is set by a timer with a digital readout and stored in the memory. The vacuum status and sputter current are displayed on the panel meter.

A modular desktop design combines sputter control unit, pumping system and thickness monitor into an area of only 400 x 600mm. It is fully integrated using a quick release all-metal coupling system. The adjustable height specimen table will accept up to 12 pin type stubs or can be used as a platform for other types of stubs and specimens. A vacuum feed through is provided for the optional film thickness monitor.

Chamber size: 120 x 120mm

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Chamber size 120mm Ø x 120mm high (4.75" x 4.75")
Sputter head Low voltage planar magnatron
  Quick target change
  Wrap-around dark-space shield
Sputter target Gold fitted as standard (Au/Pd or Pt optional)
  57mm Ø x 0.1mm thick
Sputter supply Microprocessor based
  Safety interlocked
  Current control independent of vacuum
  Variable 10 - 40mA
Sample table Holds 12 SEM ½" stubs
  Height adjustment through 60mm
Analogue metering Vacuum, Atm - 0.001mb
  Current, 0 - 50mA
Control method Manual gas and current control
  Digital timer, 5 - 300 seconds with pause
  Manual vent
Dimensions W 420mm (16.5"), D 295mm (11.6"), H 287mm (11.3")
Weight 10Kg (22.1 lbs)
Power 40VA max (excluding rotary pump)
Pumping system  
Rotary Pump High speed, direct drive 2-stage
Pumping speed 2.5/3.0m3/hr (50/60Hz)
  Pumpdown time to 0.1mb is 30/25 sec.
Desktop system Vacuum pump is mounted on desktop compatible anti-vibration table
  All metal vacuum coupling system
Dimensions W 330mm (13.0"), D 215mm (8.5"),
  H 210mm (8.3"), 270mm (10.6") with filter
Weight 15Kg (33.2 lbs)
Power 130VA
Services required  
Supply 100 - 120 or 200 - 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
  (specify on order)
Power 170VA max.
Argon gas Purity, min. 99.9%
  Pressure, regulated 7 - 8 psi (0.5 - 0.6 bar)
  Hose connection, 6.0mm (¼")

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Agar Sputter Coater - Manual AGB7340 In Stock EA
Pumping System for Coater AGB7366 In Stock EA
Manual Film Thickness Monitor AGB7348 In Stock EA

Manual sputter coater for gold coating of SEM specimens

  • Manual sputter coater for gold coating of SEM specimens

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