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Photonic Lighting System

Photonic Lighting System

Correct lighting is a fundamental requirement for precision work. In microscopy cold light sources are an essential piece of equipment in order to optimally illuminate specimens under examination. Photonic’s fibre optic lighting is a highly innovative lighting system that is designed specifically to fulfil the scientific and engineering requirements.

The LED lightsources are designed for use with any of the Photonic fibre optic light guides, providing an extensive range of combinations. The LED lightsources combine the advantages of LED lighting with the flexibility of a fibre-optic light guides.

The benifits of LED light sources

  • Maximum light intensity - can be focused on a small surface.
  • Cold light - No heat develops on the object.
  • Great flexibility - at a reasonable price: one light source with a wide range of applications (back light, incident light, dark field ring light etc.)
  • Reduced operating cost - 30,000 hours of LED service life, no lamp replacement, no storage cost for spare lamps, no servicing cost, no downtimes
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  1. F1 type LED light source Control Units

    F1 LED Lightsources

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    LED Lightsources, equivalent to a 100W Halogen light source, with optional remote function via RS232 Interface
  2. LED lightsource F3000 Control Unit

    F3000 LED Lightsource

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    LED light source, brighter than standard 150W Halogen with remote function via USB and foot switch.

    Part no: AG10060

  3. Light Guides for F series Lightsources

    Light Guides for F series Lightsources

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    Flexible fibre optic lightguides for the F1 and F3000 LED light sources.
  4. Continuous Ringlights for light microscopes

    Continuous Ringlights

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    Continuous fibre optic ringlights for the F1 and F3000 LED light sources.
  5. Lightguide Filter Accessories

    Lightguide Filter and Lenses

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    Lightguide filters and lenses for the F1 and F3000 LED light sources.
  6. F1 and F1R Control Unit Accessories

    F1 and F1R Control Unit Accessories

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    Accessories for the F1 and F1R LED Lightsources.
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