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Storage racks

Storage racks

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  1. AGH102 Wooden Microscope Slide Storage Boxes

    Wooden Microscope Slide Storage Boxes for Large Slides

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    Storage boxes for large 38 x 76mm and 51 x 76mm slides.
  2. Plastic Slide Storage Box for 100 slides, 76mm x 26mm (3in x 1in) slides.

    Plastic Slide Boxes

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    Slide storage boxes made of polystyrene to hold 100 standard 76mm x 26mm microscope slides.
  3. Slide saver boxe - 25 slides

    Slide boxes

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    These smooth injection-moulded, high impact plastic slide boxes are indexed, compact and durable, and provide good microscope slide protection for the histology laboratory.
  4. Slide tray box

    Slide tray box

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    A black, cloth covered cardboard box for nine slide trays (AGL4115).
  5. Hinged plastic slide box

    Hinged slide boxes

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    Leatherette covered card slide box accommodating 100 slides in a wooden slide rack. Metal hinge and clasp, with index card in lid.
  6. Two slide mailer

    Two slide mailer

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    Lightweight, moulded polypropylene slide box with integral push-in lid.

    Part no: AGL4114

  7. Five slide mailer

    Five slide mailer

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    Moulded polythene slide box with snap-top lid.

    Part no: AGL4250

  8. Slide Storage Cabinet

    8-drawer block storage cabinets

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    Each drawer has dividers producing seven rows, 30mm wide, to accommodate processing cassette blocks.
  9. Plastic staining rack and trough

    Plastic staining rack and trough

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    The plastic staining rack accommodates 25 standard 76 x 26mm slides horizontally.
  10. Slide storage cabinet

    Slide storage cabinets

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    A range of stackable steel cabinets for storing microscope slides, processing cassettes and blocks, from primary storage to high density archiving.
  11. TEM Grid storage boxes

    Grid storage boxes

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    Grid storage boxes intended for routine handling and long term storage of 50 standard size TEM grids.
  12. TEM grid storage box with identification number

    Grid storage box with identification number

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    Specimen grid box for 100 grids in numbered holes.

    Part no: AGG276N

Set Descending Direction

Items 1-12 of 23