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London Resin - acrylic resins

London Resin - acrylic resins

London Resin’s range of acrylic resins are specifically formulated for the needs of the microscopist. All these resins combine low viscosity, low toxicity and ease of use and are manufactured to the same rigorous standards from one of the world's largest suppliers of histological resins.


A convenient and economical premixed resin with very wide application. Being both hydrophilic and electron beam stable it is equally suitable for light and electron microscopy and, with appropriate fixation, the same specimen may be used for both techniques. Published work shows that immunocytochemical methods may be used through LR White sections without etching or any pre-treatment.


A special acrylic resin for very special purposes. Its infiltration and polymerisation at low temperatures (down to –20°C) means that unfixed tissue may be embedded in LR Gold. This enables enzyme histochemistry and immunocytochemistry of many fixation sensitive enzymes and epitomes to be performed on 1 - 2µm resin sections bringing the quality of resin histology to an area where only cryostat sections were previously available. LR Gold is a real step forward in histochemical techniques. This resin can be cured by blue light, making expensive ultra-violet light sources unnecessary.


A conventional multi-component acrylic system offering a direct alternative to other commercial HEMA systems. It is economical enough to allow the histologist who recognises the high-quality resin histology can bring to their work to use resin more widely and cost-effectively.

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  1. London Resin White Resin - low viscosity acrylic resin

    LR White Resin

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    This is a hydrophilic acrylic resin of low viscosity with wide applications suitable for both light and electron microscopy.
  2. London Resin Gold Acrylic Resin

    LR Gold resin

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    LR Gold was originally designed primarily for embedding unfixed tissue at low temperature.
  3. Histocryl Resin Kit

    Histocryl Resin Kit

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    Histocryl is a hydrophilic acrylic resin of low toxicity which is easy to use and formulated specifically for light microscopy.

    Part no: AGR1131

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