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We have an extensive range of chemicals carefully chosen for EM and LM use including a wide selection of embedding resins. The purity of the chemicals supplied is appropriate to LM and EM techniques.

The chemicals and mixtures offered by Agar Scientific are labelled with the appropriate hazard symbols and risk and safety phrases in accordance with current UK regulations and EC directives. The absence of symbols or risk and safety phrases should not be taken to indicate that the product is non-hazardous, particularly since new data and legislation requirements are always under review. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS) are available to download to assist in the safe handling and storage of products and the completion of any requirements under COSHH. Our web entries indicate the main hazards, providing guidance towards safe handling, storage and shipping.

Our products are intended for use only by qualified personnel in laboratory or industrial conditions. They are not intended for use by private individuals or in domestic environments.

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  1. Stains for light microscopy
  2. UA-Zero - non-radioactive EM Stain

    UA-Zero non-radioactive EM Stain

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    UA-Zero® EM Stain is a trouble-free solution developed as a direct substitute for Uranyl Acetate.

  3. Epoxy resin (Araldite CY212) Kit

    Epoxy resin (Araldite CY212) Kit

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    This epoxy resin is also known as Araldite M.

    Part no: AGR1030

  4. Agar 100 Resin Kit

    Agar 100 Resin Kit

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    Agar 100 resin is made to the same formulation as Epon 812 but it is more closely controlled with respect to viscosity; successive batches have a consistently low viscosity.

    Part no: AGR1031

  5. Agar Low Viscosity Resin Kit

    Agar Low Viscosity Resin Kit

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    This Agar low viscosity resin has all the same advantages of Spurr resin.

    Part no: AGR1078

  6. Pre-mix resin kits

    Pre-mix resin kits

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    These kits make approximately 500g of resin and have the advantage that the resin components are already pre-weighed.

  7. Epoxy resins for electron micrscopy

    Epoxy resins

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    Epoxy resins for the preparation and sectioning of specimens for TEM.
  8. Quetol 651 500g

    Quetol 651 500g

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    This is an epoxy resin with a viscosity of 15 cps at 25°C and an epoxy equivalent of 115.

    Part no: AGR1068

  9. Hardeners for epoxy resins

    Hardeners for epoxy resins

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  10. Accelerators for epoxy resins

    Accelerators for epoxy resins

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    BDMA is recommended in preference to DMP-30 since it is less viscous and has a longer shelf life.
  11. Plasticisers


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  12. 2-Butoxyethanol 500g

    Additives - Acrylic

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