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  1. barrier foil ziplock pouches

    Barrier Foil Ziplock Pouches

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    heat sealable and ziplock resealable barrier bags.
  2. Barrier Foil Ziplock Bags

    Barrier Foil Ziplock Bags

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    heat sealable and ziplock resealable barrier bag
  3. GHS Warning Labels

    Warning Labels - GHS

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    GHS warning labels printed on PE film.
  4. Resealable Plastic Bags

    Resealable Plastic Bags

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    Resealable bags, with or without write-on panels, for segregation of small items.
  5. Transparent film storage bags

    Transparent film storage bags

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    Transparent plastic bags with white writing panel.
  6. Slide labels

    Slide labels, 19 X 24mm. Roll of 1000

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    Self adhesive white paper labels for microscope slides.

    Part no: AGL4160

  7. Slide labels

    Slide labels

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    These microscope slide labels fit directly on the microscope slide, providing a neat and professional way to label slides.
  8. Nalgene cryoware labels

    Nalgene cryoware labels

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    Nalgene® cloth labels are specifically designed to adhere to plastic and cardboard at ultra low temperatures.

    Part no: AGG3731

  9. 3M? Humidity indicator cards

    3M Humidity indicator cards

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    Disposable humidity indicator cards.
Set Descending Direction

9 Item(s)