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General Consumables

General Consumables

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  1. Graphit '33' spray

    Graphit '33' spray. 200ml

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    Dry film graphite spray lubricant containing finely divided graphite.

    Part no: AGG3689

  2. Conducting carbon cement (Leit-C)

    Conducting carbon cement (Leit-C)

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    This is a suspension of very fine conducting carbon particles in a volatile carrier, suitable for forming conducting bonds between specimens and stubs.
  3. Conductive Graphite Paint

    Conductive Graphite Paint

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    Conductive graphite paint with isopropanol base.
  4. DAG 580 dry film lubricant

    DAG 580 dry film lubricant

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    DAG 580 is a graphite lubricant which forms a thin, dry film.

    Part no: AGG3656A

  5. Loctite® 460 sample bonding adhesive

    Loctite 460 sample bonding adhesive, 50g.

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    Loctite® 460 is a fast curing, low odour, low viscosity glue which can be used as an alternative to wax for mounting samples on glass for TEM/FIB thinning.

    Part no: AGG3204-50

  6. Conductive Silver Paint

    PELCO Conductive Silver Paint, 15g

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    A highly conductive silver paint with an acrylic binder.

    Part no: AG16062-15

  7. PELCO® High Performance Ceramic Adhesive
  8. Aquadag Colloidal Graphite 500g - ECO

    Aquadag Colloidal Graphite 500g - ECO

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    A preparation of fine, pure colloidal graphite in water.

    Part no: AGG303E

  9. Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Powders

    Abrasive Powders - Aluminium Oxide

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    Aluminium Oxide abrasive powders for fine grinding and rough polishing.

  10. AGC8010

    Dust-Off Plus

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    Dust-Off Plus can be used for cleaning microscope parts, specimens, photographic materials and other laboratory equipment.
  11. Dust-Off JR (AGC8044)

    Dust-Off disposable Cans

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    Compact disposable Dust-Off® Plus cans available in three different sizes.
  12. AGC8018

    Eco-Superior Duster

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    Non-flammable duster - for eco-confidence.
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Items 1-12 of 441