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General Consumables

General Consumables

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  1. Graphit '33' spray

    Graphit '33' spray. 200ml

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    Dry film graphite spray lubricant containing finely divided graphite.

    Part no: AGG3689

  2. Conducting carbon cement (Leit-C)

    Conducting carbon cement (Leit-C)

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    This is a suspension of very fine conducting carbon particles in a volatile carrier, suitable for forming conducting bonds between specimens and stubs.
  3. Conductive Graphite Paint

    Conductive Graphite Paint

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    Conductive graphite paint with isopropanol base.
  4. Glass vials

    Glass vials

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    Glass vials useful for mixing chemicals, fixing or storing specimens.
  5. Glass Petri dishes

    Glass Petri dishes

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    Glass Petri dishes with lids, available in borosilicate or Pyrex® glass.
  6. Compartmented Petri dishes

    Compartmented Petri dishes

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    These Petri dishes originally designed for segregating different culture media are very useful for keeping small quantities of samples and specimens.
  7. DAG 580 dry film lubricant

    DAG 580 dry film lubricant

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    DAG 580 is a graphite lubricant which forms a thin, dry film.

    Part no: AGG3656A

  8. Loctite® 460 sample bonding adhesive

    Loctite 460 sample bonding adhesive, 50g.

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    Loctite® 460 is a fast curing, low odour, low viscosity glue which can be used as an alternative to wax for mounting samples on glass for TEM/FIB thinning.

    Part no: AGG3204-50

  9. 1.5ml Conical Microtubes

    1.5ml Conical Microtubes

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    1.5ml conical microtubes are available in nine different colours.
  10. Preparation Tubes 5ml

    5ml Preparation Tubes Conical

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    5ml conical tubes ideal for solution preparation, both biological and chemical.
  11. 100 & 200 Place Polypropylene Storage Boxes

    Blackline Microtubes and Storage boxes

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    Completely opaque tubes and boxes ideal for the storage of photo sensitive solutions.
  12. Tamper Evident Microtube

    Tamper Evident Microtubes

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    Tamper evident microtubes available in five different colours.
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Items 1-12 of 449