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  1. Flat nosed pliers

    Flat nosed pliers

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    These flat nosed pliers have smooth jaws and plastic covered handles.

    Part no: AGT5084

  2. Diagonal cutters

    Diagonal cutters

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    Diagonal cutters are 125mm long, with spring loaded, insulated handles.

    Part no: AGT541

  3. Glass filled pliers

    Glass filled Delrin and glass filled nylon pliers

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    Glass filled Delrin® and glass filled nylon pliers with non-serrated jaws.
  4. Pliers and cutters

    Pliers and cutters

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    Top quality, box jointed flat nosed pliers, snipe nosed pliers and electronic side cutters.
  5. Top cutting pliers for hard wire

    Top cutting pliers for hard wire

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    These top cutting pliers have been specially hardened by additional inductive heat treatment so that they can cut hard wire up to 1mm diameter.

    Part no: AGT5085

  6. Mini side cutting nipper

    Mini side cutting nipper

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    This mini side cutting nipper for electronics applications can cut soft wire of up to 0.6mm diameter.

    Part no: AGT5086

  7. Glass breaking pliers

    Glass breaking pliers

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    Substantial pliers designed to give a good clean break.

    Part no: AGT573

Set Descending Direction

7 Item(s)