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Periodic checking and replacement of vacuum pumping fluids is highly recommended, and some attention should be given to pump fluids when pump down times become excessively long. For replacement, a selection of commonly used oils is available. The choice of the appropriate oils and greases will depend on the types of pump and equipment in which they are used. The vapour pressure, viscosity, hydrocarbon content and compatibility with existing oils should all be taken into account before a selection is made.

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  1. High Vacuum Leak Sealant

    High Vacuum Leak Sealant

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    Vacseal is a silicone-based resin with a low vapour pressure.
  2. Apiezon 100 Grease 50g

    Apiezon 100 Grease 50g

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    Apiezon AP100 Grease is a silicone-free vacuum grease and lubricant, containing PTFE and exhibits extremely high levels of lubricity.

    Part no: AGY5395

  3. Rotary pump oil

    Rotary pump oil

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    This range of Ultragrade® oils replaces all previous types and gives improved vacuum performance.
  4. Fomblinised rotary pump oil

    Fomblinised rotary pump oil

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    For use in fomblinised rotary pumps where reactive gases are present, and where standard rotary pump oils are not appropriate.
  5. Diffusion pump fluids

    Diffusion pump fluids

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    Diffusion pump fluids including Diffoil-20, Apiezon, Edwards, Silicone oils and Santovac5 oils.

  6. Lion S oil

    Lion S oil

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    This is recommended as the standard diffusion pump oil in many Japanese electron microscopes.
  7. Apiezon W, W40 and W100 wax

    Waxes and sealing compounds

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    A range of Apiezon® wax and sealing compounds for sealing joints in high vacuum pressure systems.
  8. Silicone High Vacuum Grease (150g)

    Silicone High Vacuum Grease (150g)

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    This silicone high vacuum grease is used for low volatility over a wide temperature range.

    Part no: AGB7278

  9. Apiezon T Grease 25g

    Apiezon T Grease 25g

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    Apiezon T Grease is a silicone-free medium temperature vacuum grease renowned for its quality and tenacity.

    Part no: AGB7277

  10. Apiezon Q Compound 1kg

    Apiezon Q Compound 1kg

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    Apiezon Compound Q is a versatile, temporary vacuum sealing medium which exhibits good vacuum properties in the lower vacuum range.

    Part no: AGB7274

  11. Apiezon N Grease 25g

    Apiezon N Grease 25g

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    Apiezon N Grease is the cryogenic Vacuum Grease of choice, it's silicone-free and specially formulated to withstand frequent cycling between cryogenic temperatures as low as -273°C and +30°C.

    Part no: AGB7273

  12.  Apiezon H Grease 25g

    Apiezon H Grease 25g

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    As a high temperature, low to medium vacuum grease with good thermal conduction properties.

    Part no: AGB7271

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