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Agar Scientific offers an extensive range of accessories for use in tissue fixation and processing for materials and life sciences. EM grade Glutaraldehyde which is an excellent fixative for structural studies, Osmium tetroxide and Propylene oxide are amongst our most popular reagents . We also offer a range of high quality buffers and alternative reagents for fixation and en block staining . To facilitate good infiltration of fixatives and resins a small fixed tilt specimen rotator which holds up to 12 glass vials is ideal for the processing of biological tissues.

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  1. QuickStick temporary mounting wax

    QuickStick temporary mounting wax, Pack of 20

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    QuickStick is a temporary mounting wax, with a melting point of 135°C, used to bond samples during processing.

    Part no: AGB7259

  2. Aclar film

    Aclar film

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    ACLAR® is a transparent thermoplastic film which cells readily adhere to for fixation, dehydrating and embedding.

  3. Polypropylene Petri dishes

    Polypropylene Petri Dishes

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    These are sturdy dishes suitable for microwave use.

    Part no: AGG3506

  4. Microwave holder for microcentrifuge tubes

    Microwave Holder for Microcentrifuge Tubes

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    This holder made from Teflon® is designed to hold up to 18 conventional polyethylene microcentrifuge tubes.

    Part no: AGG3509

  5. Disposable stirrers

    Disposable stirrers

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    Flat wooden sticks, suitable for stirring resins, etc.

    Part no: AGG3322

  6. Grid coating pen

    Grid coating pen

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    Pen designed to apply a thin layer of adhesive to grids with minimal pressure.

    Part no: AGG3538

  7. Nichrome loops

    Nichrome loops

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    A range of finished Nichrome loops, with different internal diameters, for insertion into a loop handle.
  8. Perfect Loop

    Perfect loop

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    Using this loop, thin sections can be transferred easily from microtome boats to grids with a minimum of creasing or folding.
  9. Perfect Loop, LM, Loop and Handle Set

    Perfect loop for light microscopy

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    Very lightweight stainless steel loop for manoeuvring freshly cut, thick sections onto grids without creasing.
  10. Section pick-up loop

    Section pick-up loop

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    Platinum loop in a pin vice, providing a readily cleanable loop
  11. Polypropylene cups

    Polypropylene cups

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    Static free, graduated 30ml polypropylene cups, ideal for preparing water for glass or diamond knife troughs.

    Part no: AGG3396

  12. Microwave capsule holder with lid

    Microwave Capsule Holder with Lid

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    This holder made from microwave transparent Teflon® holds up to 24 size 00 capsules, either flat bottomed or standard BEEM®.

    Part no: AGG3508A

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