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Scan-Dia embedding system

The Scan-Dia system offers a complete range of cold setting, metallographic embedding agents and accessories.

The Scan-Dia system offers a complete range of cold setting, metallographic embedding agents and accessories. Scandiplast is a cold hardening, polyester casting resin which cures in 30 to 60 minutes. It has low shrinkage and good adhesion properties, and is transparent with a green tint. Scandiplast hardener can be substituted by Aequidir hardness equaliser to produce mounts of different hardness, and this is available in three grades to match the hardness of the materials being mounted. Scandiplex is recommended for use with porous samples. The low viscosity epoxy resin cures at a slow rate, typically 2 to 24 hours, and produces a transparent mount with a light yellow colour.

When a long pot life and a low exotherm are required, the Scandiplex hardener can be partially substituted by Varioplex. Scandiquick is a rapid setting, acrylic resin with good adhesion characteristics. It hardens in just 6 minutes, and produces a transparent mount with an orange tint. Scandiform moulds are recommended for use with all the resins, and are available in a range of re-usable sizes and shapes. A vacuum embedding set is available for mounting porous samples with Scandiplex resin. An embedding set is also available for mixing resins, consisting of a silicone work mat, 50 graduated paper cups, 20 glass stirring rods and 200 paper labelling discs.

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Description Code Unit Qty
Scandiplast Embedding Compound (1kg) AGB8800 EA
Hardener for Scandiplast Resin (35ml) AGB8801 EA
Aequidir Hardness Equaliser Soft 100g AGB8808 EA
Aequidir Hardness Equaliser Medium 100g AGB8809 EA
Aequidir Hardness Equaliser Hard 100g AGB8810 EA
Scandiplex 82a Resin 1kg AGB8802 EA
Scandia Varioplex 200g AGB8805 EA
Scandiquick Powder 1kg AGB8815 EA
Scandiquick Liquid 750ml AGB8816 EA
Scan-dia Embedding Set AGB8804 EA
Scandiform 25mm Embedding Moulds (Pack of 5) AGB8820 EA
Scandiform 32mm Embedding Moulds (Pack of 5) AGB8821 EA
Scandiform 38mm Embedding Moulds (Pack of 5) AGB8822 EA
Scandiform 50mm Embedding Moulds (Pack of 5) AGB8823 EA
Scandiform 25 x 57 x 20mm Moulds (Pack of 5) AGB8824 EA
Scan-Dia Plastic Clips (Pack of 100) AGB8814 EA
Scandia Paper / Plastic Cups (Pack of 50) AGB8825 EA

Scan-Dia embedding system

  • Scan-Dia embedding system