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  1. EpoxiCure?


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    EpoxiCure is a two part, general purpose epoxy resin suitable for heat sensitive specimens due to its low curing temperature (28°C/82 °F).
  2. Loctite® 460 sample bonding adhesive

    Loctite 460 sample bonding adhesive, 50g.

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    Loctite® 460 is a fast curing, low odour, low viscosity glue which can be used as an alternative to wax for mounting samples on glass for TEM/FIB thinning.

    Part no: AGG3204-50

  3. Epokwick® fast curing epoxy

    Epokwick fast curing epoxy

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    EpoKwick is a transparent, quick setting epoxy resin that cures in 90 minutes.
  4. EpoThin low viscosity epoxy resin

    EpoThin 2 low viscosity epoxy

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    A free flowing, low viscosity, low shrinkage epoxy resin that is ideal for use with porous and heat sensitive samples.
  5. Scan-Dia embedding system

    Scan-Dia embedding system

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    The Scan-Dia system offers a complete range of cold setting, metallographic embedding agents and accessories.
  6. Specimen mounting wax

    Specimen mounting wax

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    Thermoplastic wax ideal for fixing ceramics, glasses and semiconductor materials to specimen mounts for grinding, dimpling or ion beam thinning.

  7. Lacomit varnish and remover

    Lacomit varnish and remover

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    For those who wish to prepare thinned specimens by one of the window techniques, Lacomit peelable varnish is very valuable for blanking off portions of the specimen which are not to be polished.
  8. Diamond polishing paste lubricant

    Diamond polishing paste lubricant

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    Both oil based (OS type) and water based (W type) lubricants are available for use with Kemet polishing pastes.

  9. Diamond polishing paste

    Kemet diamond polishing paste

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    Various grades of diamond polishing paste are available.
  10. Abrasive powders

    Abrasive powders

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    A range of silicon carbide and alumina abrasives for fine lapping or grinding of samples on surfaces such as cast iron, tin, lead or cloth covered wheels.
  11. Ultraprep diamond lapping films

    Ultraprep diamond lapping films

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    Ultraprep lapping films offer an alternative to diamond impregnated cloths where uniform material removal and surface flatness are essential.
  12. Abrasive strips - Aluminium Oxide

    Abrasive strips - Aluminium Oxide

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    A range of Aluminium Oxide abrasive strips and sheets with resin-bonded polishing powder on a polyester backing.
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