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Resin embedding - Acrylic

Agar Scientific offers a wide range of acrylic resins for the preparation and sectioning of specimens for TEM. These include LR White and Gold and the popular Lowicryl range. Many of the resins are available either as kits or individual components. Please see our section on resin embedding consumables for an extensive range of mould shapes and sizes for pyramid or flat embedding methods.

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  1. London Resin White Resin - low viscosity acrylic resin

    LR White Resin

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    This is a hydrophilic acrylic resin of low viscosity with wide applications suitable for both light and electron microscopy.
  2. London Resin Gold Acrylic Resin

    LR Gold resin

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    LR Gold was originally designed primarily for embedding unfixed tissue at low temperature.
  3. Histocryl Resin Kit

    Histocryl Resin Kit

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    Histocryl is a hydrophilic acrylic resin of low toxicity which is easy to use and formulated specifically for light microscopy.

    Part no: AGR1131

  4. 2-Butoxyethanol 500g
  5. Methacrylates
  6. TransOptic

    TransOptic, 2.3kg

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    TransOptic is a fast acting, transparent thermoplastic acrylic mounting material.

    Part no: AGB8787

  7. Lowicryl resin kits for low temperature embedding

    Lowicryl resin kits for low temperature embedding

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    These embedding resins are based on a highly cross-linked acrylate and methacrylate formula developed by Carlemalm et al in Professor Kellenberger's laboratory

  8. JB-4 Resin Embedding Kit

    JB-4 Resin Embedding Kit

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    JB-4® is a water-miscible glycerol methacrylate-based embedding medium for the infiltration of histological specimens.

    Part no: AGR1130

  9. Glycol Methacrylate Resin Kit

    Glycol Methacrylate Resin Kit

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    GMA (2-Hydroxyethyl methacrylate) is useful as an embedding medium for light microscopy studies.

    Part no: AGR1036

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