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Statebourne Dewars

Accessories for Bio Series Dewars

A range of accessories for the Bio Liquid nitrogen Dewars including low level alarms, neck plugs, roller bases and goblets.

Bio Series Dewars are designed and manufactured in a purpose-built ISO 9001 accredited facility using the very latest CAD technology. The series provides two lines for storage of biological material, with high capacity or extended hold time variants.

Accessories are available for both lines and are designed to facilitate safe and reliable liquid nitrogen handling within Cryo-EM.

  • The Battery CryoGuard - offering an LN2 low level alarm facility in areas where mains electricity is unavailable
  • Neck plugs
  • Aluminium Canes and cardboard sleeve
  • Lifter Goblets (other sizes available upon request)
  • Lids/Neck Plates

Description Code Unit Qty
Cryoguard with integral Data logger & temperature display AGB7531 EA
Cryoguard LN2 low level alarm, Mains and Battery AGB7532 EA
Aluminium Cryo Canes (pack/100) - 29cm Long AGB7559 EA
Cryo Sleeves - Cardboard (Pk100) AGB7540 EA
Roller Base for Bio 21, 22, 34, 35 & 36 AGB7582 EA
Neck Plug, Bio 2 AGB7544 EA
Neck Plug, Bio 3 AGB7545 EA
Neck Plug, Bio 8, 10, 20 & 35 AGB7546 EA
Neck Plug, Bio 12 AGB7547 EA
Neck Plug, Bio 21 & 34 AGB7548 EA
Neck Plug, Bio 22 & 36 AGB7549 EA
Bio 12 Lid/Neck Plate AGB7543 EA
Bio 22/36 Lid/Neck Plate AGB7541 EA
Tote Bag, Bio 2 AGB7530 EA
Goblet SINGLE 35mm AGB7535 EA
Goblets 35mm (Pk6) AGB7535-6 EA
Goblet SINGLE 65mm AGB7536 EA
Goblets 65mm (Pk10) AGB7536-10 EA
Lifter for Goblets in the Bio 36 AGB7558 EA

Cryoguard LN2 low level alarm

  • Cryoguard LN2 low level alarm
  • Aluminium Cryo Canes (pack/100) - 29cm Long
  • Cryo Sleeves - Cardboard (Pk100)
  • Roller Base for Bio series
  • Goblet - 65mm

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