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Gold Nanoarrays

Substrates of Quasi-ordered Arrays of Gold Nanoparticles

Nanoparticles serve as significant research tools in better understanding and unravelling the mysteries embodied in nanotechnology research. Colloidal gold particles, in particular, are both excellent catalysts for nanowire growth of a variety of materials and active sites for SERS (surface enhanced Raman scattering). The colloidal gold particles are applied with a proprietary process and baked in air at 250°C to create high purity gold particles secured on the substrate. The line of the Gold Nanoarrays are unique products that provide:

  • Substrate particle densities suited to SERS or material growth
  • A choice of available substrates
  • Excellent batch size uniformity and uniform particle distribution
  • Highly stable products

Uniform and regular coverage of nanoparticles is highly desirable for systematic and reproducible results. Ordered arrays are ideal. Gold Nanoarrays overcome the problems associated with other methods:

  • The high cost of electron beam lithography
  • The random dispersion from adsorption or evaporative colloid deposition

The Gold Nanoarrays are available on a number of substrates:

  • Glass: 5 x 10mm
  • Quartz: 5 x 10mm
  • Silicon: 5 x 10mm The gold nanoparticles have the following characteristics:
  • 15 or 30nm average particle diameter
  • Excellent uniformity and particle distribution
  • Normal density coating for material growth
  • High density coating for SERS

Normal Density:

particle distribution suited for material growth, e.g. silicon and ZnO nanowires

High Density:

particle distribution suited for SERS applications

Description Code Unit Qty
15nm Gold Nanoarray, High Density on 5 x 10mm Glass Substrate AG32110 EA
15nm Gold Nanoarray, High Density on 5 x 10mm Quartz Substrate AG32111 EA
30nm Gold Nanoarray, High Density on 5 x 10mm Quartz Substrate AG32211 EA