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Calibration standards

Calibration standards

Agar Scientific specialises in offering and producing a wide range of specimens specifically for TEM calibration where quantification or high resolution results are required. We endeavour to maintain the highest possible preparation standards in their production and where possible, we offer specimens that are certified. Agar Scientific calibration specimens for TEM are renown worldwide for their quality and reliability and each one is checked in an electron microscope. Specimens are rejected for exceeding 5% broken grid squares, for excessive dirt, or for inadequate image quality. These criteria govern every Agar calibration specimen. All specimens are prepared on standard 3.05mm copper grids.

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  1. Fine mesh

    Fine mesh

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    This is available in copper, nickel or gold, in 1000, 1500 and 2000 mesh (1000, 1500 or 2000 repeat distance per inch), ie. 25, 18.75 and 12.5 ┬Ám.
  2. Diffraction grating replicas

    Diffraction grating replicas

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    Shadow cast carbon replicas of diffraction line gratings.
  3. Mag*I*Cal calibration standard

    Mag*I*Cal calibration standard

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    Using this standard, the three major instrument calibrations: magnification, camera constant for indexing diffraction patterns and image/diffraction pattern rotation, can all be carried out using a single specimen.

    Part no: AGS1936

  4. Perforated carbon film

    Perforated carbon film, 3.05mm grid

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    This specimen is one of the quickest and easiest to use for performance checks since it gives information about nearly all causes of loss of resolution.

    Part no: AGS100

  5. Gold particles on carbon film

    High resolution test specimen gold particles on carbon film

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    An arrangement of finely dispersed thin gold particles has an advantage over single crystal gold foil for tests of high resolution imaging capabilities in TEM.

    Part no: AGS132

  6. Ferritin

    Ferritin, 3.05mm grid

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    Ferritin molecules display a quad structure with a separation of 1.25 nm, which is useful as a resolution check.

    Part no: AGS126

  7. Evaporated platinum / iridium

    Evaporated platinum / iridium, 3.05mm grid

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    The evaporated platinum/iridium specimen is supplied on a perforated carbon support film that provides holes for ease of focus and astigmatism correction.

    Part no: AGS114

  8. Combined test specimen

    Combined test specimen, 3.05mm grid

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    A perforated carbon film is shadowed with gold and graphitised carbon particles are deposited.

    Part no: AGS142

  9. Standard for HVEM

    Standard for HVEM

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    Normal resolution test specimens are difficult to see on the viewing screen because of low contrast.

    Part no: AGS155

  10. Camera Length

    Camera Length

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    The nominal value of the effective camera length of an electron microscope operating in the selected area mode is not sufficiently accurate for calculating lattice spacing.
  11. Image rotation

    Image rotation, Molybdenum trioxide crystals

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    Molybdenum trioxide crystals

    Part no: AGS112

  12. Polystyrene latex particles

    Polystyrene latex particles

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    Shadowed latex particles provide dense markers and small metal aggregates may be found at the edges of the metal shadowing for particle separation resolution checks.

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