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Calibration standard - Lattice Plane

Calibration standard - Lattice Plane

Crystal lattice plane spacings provide a good test of microscope stability and a figure of merit for resolved lattice resolution. At the same time, since lattice spacing is accurately known from X-ray measurements, it provides calibration in the upper range of magnification of the instrument.

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  1. Catalase

    Catalase crystals, 3.05mm grid

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    Negatively stained catalase crystals.

    Part no: AGS124

  2. Plane spacing 1.0 nm

    Plane spacing 1.0nm, Copper phthalocyanine, 3.05mm grid

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    Copper phthalocyanine.

    Part no: AGS136

  3. Plane spacing 0.9 and 0.45 nm

    Plane spacing 0.9nm and 0.45nm, Crocidolite crystals, 3.05mm grid

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    Crocidolite crystals.

    Part no: AGS122

  4. Plane spacing 0.56 nm

    Plane spacing 0.56nm, potassium chloroplatinate crystals, 3.05mm grid

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    Potassium chloroplatinate crystals.

    Part no: AGS118

  5. Plane spacing 0.34 nm

    Graphitised Carbon Black , 3.05mm grid Plane Spacing 0.34nm

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    Graphitised carbon black.

    Part no: AGS140

  6. Plane spacing 0.204, 0.143 and 0.102 nm

    Oriented Gold Crystal Plane Spacing 0.204nm, 0.144nm and 0.102nm

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    Oriented single crystal gold foil on 3.05mm grid.

    Part no: AGS135

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6 Item(s)