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  1. Semclip 50 x 6 x M4 Cylinder Mount, 8 clip
  2. Finder Grids for SEM specimens

    Finder Grids for SEM specimens

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    Designed for use with large specimens, this grid can be used to isolate areas of interest. Nickel

    Part no: AGG2985

  3. PLANOTEC X-ray beam finder

    PLANOTEC X-ray beam finder

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    5 x 5mm silicon chip coated with P47 phosphor.

    Part no: AGB7321

  4. Scintillator discs - Plano P47

    Scintillator discs - Plano P47

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    All discs are 1mm thick, unless otherwise specified.
  5. Specimen containers for CPD

    Specimen containers for CPD

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    Specimen containers for processing specimens in a critical point dryer.
  6. Apertures - 1.85 x 0.1mm

    Apertures - 1.85 x 0.1mm

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    1.85mm dia, 0.1mm thick. Platinum/iridium. High quality disc apertures for use in electron microscopes, Focus Ion Beam, microprobe and X-ray systems.
  7. Scintillator discs - YAG

    Scintillator discs - YAG

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    YAG single crystal scintillators
  8. YAP Single crystal scintillator discs

    Scintillator discs - YAP

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    YAP scintillator discs.
  9. Agar Consumable Kit for Carl Zeiss

    SEM Consumables Kit for Carl Zeiss

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    The Carl Zeiss Consumables Kit contains a tailored set of parts carefully chosen specifically for Carl Zeiss SEM’s.
  10. T-Base Adapter for Hitachi SEM

    T-Base Adapter for Hitachi SEM

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    T-Base Adapter for Hitachi S-800, S-4000, S-4100, S-4200, S-4300, S-4500, S-4700 and S-3600N SEM's

    Part no: AG15370

  11. Hitachi Metallographic Mount Holder 32mm, M4
  12. Compact Variable Tilt Mount, M4

    Compact Variable Tilt Mount, M4

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    This Compact Variable Tilt Specimen Mount allows for easy mounting and tilting small samples from 0° to 90° and SEM investigation with small working distances.

    Part no: AG15439

Set Descending Direction

Items 1-12 of 420