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Material embedding

Agar Scientific offers a comprehensive range of chemicals and accessories the embedding of biological and materials specimens.

Embedding stubs, moulds and accessories in various shapes and sizes facilitate reproducible embedding. An extensive selection of resins and embedding compounds and processing reagents provide the optimum choice to suit your type of specimen.

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  1. Demotec 15 plus, cold embedding resin

    Demotec 15 plus, cold embedding resin

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    Non-shrinking, expanding cold embedding resin for gap free embedding.

  2. EpoFix low viscosity epoxy resin

    EpoFix Resin

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    A low viscosity epoxy cold mounting system curing at room temperature.
  3. VariDur 10

    VariDur 10

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    VariDur 10 is a high hardness, high viscosity, semi-transparent, acrylic cold mounting compound with superior abrasion resistance and edge retention.
  4. SamplKwick®


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    SamplKwick® is a semi-transparent, high viscosity rapid curing acrylic cold mounting compound.
  5. Compression mounting compounds

    Compression mounting compounds

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    A range of thermosetting compression mounting compounds for hot compression mounting.
  6. EpoColor? cold mounting compound

    EpoColor cold mounting compound

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    EpoColor is a red pigmented epoxy cold mounting compound which offers excellent colour contrast between mount and specimen.
  7. EpoxiCure?


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    EpoxiCure is a two part, general purpose epoxy resin suitable for heat sensitive specimens due to its low curing temperature (28°C/82 °F).
  8. EpoThin low viscosity epoxy

    EpoThin 2 low viscosity epoxy

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    A free flowing, low viscosity, low shrinkage epoxy resin that is ideal for use with porous and heat sensitive samples.
  9. Epokwick® fast curing epoxy

    Epokwick fast curing epoxy

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    EpoKwick is a transparent, quick setting epoxy resin that cures in 90 minutes.
  10. KonductoMet

    KonductoMet, 450g

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    KonductoMet® is a conductive thermosetting phenolic compression mounting resin with low electrical resistance

    Part no: AGB8788

  11. TransOptic

    TransOptic, 2.3kg

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    TransOptic is a fast acting, transparent thermoplastic acrylic mounting material.

    Part no: AGB8787

  12. Moulding powders

    Moulding powders

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    A range of moulding powders is available that was developed specifically for use in hot mounting processes.
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