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Tissue embedding

Agar Scientific offers a comprehensive range of chemicals and accessories the embedding of biological and materials specimens.

Embedding stubs, moulds and accessories in various shapes and sizes facilitate reproducible embedding. An extensive selection of resins and embedding compounds and processing reagents provide the optimum choice to suit your type of specimen.

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  1. Plastic embedding stubs

    Plastic embedding stubs

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    Manufactured from rigid plastic which bonds to all resins.

    Part no: AGG3552

  2. BEEM capsule holder

    BEEM capsule holder

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    BEEM capsule holders.
  3. Paraffin wax

    Paraffin wax

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    This clean pelleted wax, suitable for all routine processing and embedding, has a melting point of 56 - 58°C.
  4. Peel-A-Way® disposable embedding moulds

    Peel-A-Way disposable embedding moulds

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    These Peel-A-Way® moulds are suitable for most plastic embedding media, particularly paraffin waxes and for cryo applications.

  5. PTFE moulds for flat embedding

    PTFE moulds for flat embedding

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    These moulds are particularly suited for use with acrylic resins eg. LR White™, LR Gold™ and Lowicryl®.

  6. Pyramid tip mould

    Pyramid tip mould

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    A blue silicone rubber mould with 30 numbered cavities, particularly useful for difficult to orientate specimens.
  7. Embedding capsules (flat ended)

    Embedding capsules (flat ended)

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    Flat ended capsules, 8mm in diameter, available in polyethylene for embedding at temperatures up to 75°C, or polypropylene for embedding at temperatures up to 100°C.
  8. Easy-moulds


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    These polyethylene moulds have transparent tips, which facilitate rapid specimen orientation.
  9. Flat embedding moulds

    Flat embedding moulds

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    Flat silicone rubber embedding moulds with a choice of cavities.
  10. Micromoulds


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    Self-supporting strips of 10 size 00 (8mm dia) numbered embedding moulds.
  11. Paraplast Plus double filtered paraffin embedding medium

    Paraplast Plus 1kg

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    Paraplast® Plus is a double filtered paraffin embedding medium.

    Part no: AGL4382

  12. Polyester Wax 500g

    Polyester Wax 500g

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    Polyester Wax 500g.

    Part no: AGL4184

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