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Slide staining

Slide staining

An extensive range of Staining chemicals, dyes, jars and racks in a range of materials and sizes are available for low volume slide staining. For methods such as Immunocytochemistry requiring a humid chamber specially designed trays allow the safe handling of slides during staining.

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  1. Stains for light microscopy
  2. Immuno slide staining tray

    Immuno slide staining trays

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    This tray has been designed for routine techniques requiring a humid chamber.

    Part no: AGL4474

  3. Coplin jar

    Coplin jar

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    A moulded glass jar with drop-on lid and integral large base for stability.

    Part no: AGL4108

  4. Plastic Coplin jars

    Plastic Coplin jars

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    Moulded polythene Coplin staining jars with screw-on lids.
  5. Staining jar for coverglasses

    Staining jar for coverglasses

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    A low volume moulded glass jar with a plastic screw-top lid, ideal for use with costly reagents

    Part no: AGL4472

  6. Polypropylene staining jar

    Polypropylene staining jar

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    This staining jar has 10 slots that accommodate one slide of 76 x 26mm per slot.

    Part no: AGL4558

  7. Coverslip staining racks

    Coverslip staining racks to hold 25 coverslips

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    Stainless steel racks with grooves to hold 22mm diameter coverslips vertically.

    Part no: AGL4257

  8. Plastic staining rack and trough

    Plastic staining rack and trough

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    The plastic staining rack accommodates 25 standard 76 x 26mm slides horizontally.
  9. Perspex slide rack

    Perspex slide rack

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    A Perspex plate with 12 transverse grooves to accept various sizes of microscope slide.

    Part no: AGL4107

  10. AGL4384

    Slide Drying Hotplates

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    Two thermostatically controlled Slide Drying Hotplates with a large capacity.
  11. Immunostain moisture chamber

    Immunostain moisture chamber

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    This is a high precision moisture chamber for ten slides.

    Part no: AGL4555

  12. Adhesives


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    For light and electron microscopy the choice of specimen preparation is critical for the preservation of antigens in the sample.
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