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Agar Scientific offer an extensive range of solid steel and disposable blades for sectioning in life science and materials applications. These will fit most microtome knife holders. High quality glass strips are available in various widths are available for both triangular and ralph type knifemakers. For Cryostat sectioning the popular OCT compound enables quick and easy attachment of the specimen with optimal sectioning properties.

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  1. AGL4384

    Slide Drying Hotplates

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    Two thermostatically controlled Slide Drying Hotplates with a large capacity.
  2. AGH118 Histo/Cyto-freeze

    PELCO Histo/Cyto-freeze, 10 oz.

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    Excellent for cooling liquid, semi-solid and solid specimens.

    Part no: AGH118

  3. AGH119 Cryogen Spray

    Cryogen Spray, 10oz.

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    Environmentally Safe Cryogen Spray.

    Part no: AGH119

  4. Microtome blades, disposable

    Microtome blades, disposable

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    Standard low profile blades for routine tissue samples.
  5. Microtome knives

    Microtome knives

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    Tungsten Carbide and Steel Microtome knives.
  6. Sapphire blades

    Sapphire blades

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    Sapphire blades for use with vibratomes and microslicers, significantly improving section quality compared with traditional razor blades.

  7. Triangular tungsten carbide knives

    Triangular tungsten carbide knives, Pack of 3

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    With a consistent size and tip angle, these knives replace glass and razor blades in a variety of sectioning and block facing applications.

    Part no: AGL4550

  8. Glass For Ralph Knives Histology grade

    Glass strips for Ralph Knives - Histology Grade

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    High quality glass for the production of consistent glass knives for specimen trimming, thick, semi-thin and ultrathin sectioning and cryo ultramicrotomy.
  9. Paraffin section mounting bath

    Paraffin section mounting bath

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    This bath has a deep tapered stainless steel bowl to allow the slides to be used at any angle.

    Part no: AGL4136

  10. Leica LKB multiplate

    Leica LKB multiplate

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    This provides three decks (two for six slides and one for three slides) for wax melting, drying and heating, at suitable temperatures.
  11. Polypropylene cups

    Polypropylene cups

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    Static free, graduated 30ml polypropylene cups, ideal for preparing water for glass or diamond knife troughs.

    Part no: AGG3396

  12. Tackiwax


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    Wax to keep ultramicrotome cut sections in a neat row, simply by applying a thin layer of wax to the sides of the block face at the top and bottom of the trapezoid.

    Part no: AGG384

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