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Mounting media

Mounting media

Agar Scientific offers a wide range of mounting media used to make permanent microscope slide mounts in various sizes. Depending on your application; select from solvent based or low toxicity, aqueous media, traditional media, colourless, slow or quick drying. Some mounting media have reduced fading properties especially developed for immunogold /silver labelling studies. Citiflour mountants are especially well suited for fluorescence studies to reduce fading.

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  1. Plast Support Putty for Microscopy

    Plast Support Putty

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    PELCO® Plast Support Putty for Microscopy, Blue, 1/4lb.

    Part no: AG813-530

  2. Antifadent (AF) solutions

    Antifadent (AF) solutions

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    Phosphate buffered saline solution containing antifadent, specially prepared for use with UVM 3 solution where fluorochrome fading is a problem.
  3. Aqueous mountants
  4. Canada Balsam In Xylene

    Canada Balsam In Xylene 100ml

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    A natural resin used as a mounting medium.

    Part no: AGR1343

  5. CFM solutions

    CFM solutions

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    The CFM solutions have been specially formulated to have a refractive index of 1.52 (similar to glass), so that effects of refraction on image quality are minimised.
  6. Citifluor antifadent mountant solutions

    Citifluor antifadent mountant solutions

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    The use of fluorescent labels and markers is widespread and immunofluorescence, which relies on the use of antibodies tagged with labels.
  7. Citifluor Solid Mountant Kit

    Citifluor Solid Mountant Kit

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    Citifluor also provides a solid mountant.

    Part no: AGR1326

  8. DPX (contains xylene) 500ml

    DPX (contains xylene) 500ml

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    Part no: AGR1340

  9. Eukitt

    Eukitt, 100ml

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    This is a quick-hardening mounting medium possessing physical, chemical and optical properties which make it ideal for microscope preparations.

    Part no: AGR1339

  10. Euparal
  11. Histomount synthetic mountant.


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    Histomount is synthetic mounting media providing a permanent seal to store or ship slides with confidence.
  12. Lakeside Cement, 12 bars, approx 250g

    Lakeside Cement, 12 bars, approx 250g

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    Lakeside Cement L 70 C is a thermoplastic bonding material for mounting thin sections on sample holders or slides.

    Part no: AGG3887

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