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Agar Scientific offers a comprehensive range for processing and staining of biological specimens. Processing Cassettes are available for tissue processing with a selection of Paraffin waxes with varying polymer content and melting points.

An extensive range of Staining chemicals, dyes, jars and racks in a range of materials and sizes are available for low volume slide staining. For methods such as Immunocytochemistry requiring a humid chamber specially designed trays allow the safe handling of slides during staining.

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  1. Disposable stirrers

    Disposable stirrers

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    Flat wooden sticks, suitable for stirring resins, etc.

    Part no: AGG3322

  2. R2 Rotator

    R2 Rotator with 1051 Head

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    Low-speed mixer for EM specimen infiltration preparations (0.5 - 7.5 RPM), design provides two angles 55° or 35°.

    Part no: AG1050

  3. Liquids for dispersion staining

    Liquids for dispersion staining

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    The most suitable set of liquids for general identification work is the Cargille set of Certified Refractive Index Liquids (HD 1/2).
  4. Disposable polyethylene storage syringes

    Disposable polyethylene storage syringes

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    Ungraduated, polyethylene syringes suitable for frozen storage of embedding media, ready for convenient dispensing into capsules.
  5. Tight fitting caps for Tri-Pour beakers
  6. Tri-Pour® beakers

    Tri-Pour beakers

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    Polypropylene Tri-Pour® Beakers graduated in 10ml increments.
  7. M-Bond? 610 adhesive

    M-Bond 610 adhesive

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    M-Bond 610 is a non-conductive, two-component, solvent-thinned epoxy-phenolic adhesive for high performance applications.
  8. Polythene cups

    Polythene cups

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    A range of polythene cups, originally intended as stoppers, suitable for use as disposable flat embedding moulds.
  9. Microwave polymerisation tray

    Microwave Polymerisation Tray

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    This tray can be used with the capsule (AGG3508A) and centrifuge holders (AGG3509).

    Part no: AGL4504

  10. TK drop bottle

    TK drop bottle, 50ml

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    A glass bottle with ground-in grooved glass stopper.

    Part no: AGL4166

  11. Filter paper

    Filter paper

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    Whatman No.1 filter papers.

    Part no: AGL4164

  12. Giammara-Hanker Cast-A-Slide translucent mould

    Giammara-Hanker Cast-A-Slide translucent mould

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    This silicone rubber mould produces two slides.

    Part no: AGG3524

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Items 1-12 of 13