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Agar Scientific has a range of products carefully selected for Histologists, these include:

  • Preparation
  • Processing
  • Sectioning
  • Staining
  • Observation
  • Storage
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  1. BioWave Pro+ tissue processing system

    BioWave Pro+ Microwave Tissue Processing System

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    BioWave Pro+ is a sophisticated microwave tissue processing system enabling rapid specimen processing with consistent high quality results.

  2. AGH120 Handi-Vac Coverslip Pick-Up Tool

    Handi-Vac Coverslip Pick-Up Tool

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    ESD safe, hand actuated vacuum pick up tool.

    Part no: AGH120

  3. AGH108-1 LockMailer - Microscope Mailer and Staining Jar

    LockMailer - Microscope Mailer and Staining Jar

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    The LockMailer is ideal for transporting, storing, mailing or staining microscope slides.
  4. AGH118 Histo/Cyto-freeze

    PELCO Histo/Cyto-freeze, 10 oz.

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    Excellent for cooling liquid, semi-solid and solid specimens.

    Part no: AGH118

  5. AGH106 Slide-Sette Saver

    Slide-Sette Saver

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    The Slide-Sette Saver provides a protective storage environment for both block and slide.
  6. Slidefile storage system

    Slidefile storage system

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    A convenient and versatile system for storing 76 x 26mm slides, allows barcodes to be read without removal.
  7. Mini Slide Boxes (25 slides)

    Mini Slide Boxes (25 slides)

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    Mini Slide Storage boxes with removable lid.
  8. Slide Rack

    Slide Rack accommodates 25 slides - pack of 2

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    Slide rack for autoradiography gel staining and staining techniques.

    Part no: AGH112

  9. Staining Dish with Lid

    Staining Dish holds one Slide Rack

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    Easy to clean staining dish and especially suited to store enzymes.

    Part no: AGH113

  10. Storage Box for 4 slide racks

    Storage Box for 4 slide racks

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    A black polystyrene storage box which holds four AGH112 Slide Racks

    Part no: AGH114

  11. Slide Staining and Storage kit

    Slide Staining and Storage kit

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    Complete Slide Staining and Storage kit.

    Part no: AGH115

  12. AGH100 Cryo Compatible Slide Box

    Cryo Compatible Slide Box, polycarbonate, holds 100 slides, purple

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    Polycarbonate, Cryo Compatible Slide Box

    Part no: AGH100

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