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A range of tools and accessories for dissection are available either as a kit in a canvas holdall or individually. These include scissors, forceps, needles, scalpels and a range of dissecting boards in various materials. Micropunches enable discreet sampling of specimens plus a selection of Brain matrices provide convenient yet precise slicing from brain tissue.

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  1. Dissecting Kit 4 In Canvas Holdall

    Dissecting kits

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    Dissection kits in a canvas holdall roll.
  2. Holdall for dissecting kits

    Holdall for dissecting kits

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    A khaki canvas bag with stitched pockets, protective flap and tape ties to secure when rolled.

    Part no: AGT5248

  3. AGL4121 Dissecting Board, Cork

    Dissecting boards

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    Standard cork, autoclavable polypropylene and disposable cardboard/sponge dissecting boards.
  4. Trimming and grossing boards

    Trimming and grossing boards

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    This white trimming/grossing board is suitable for cutting, sectioning, trimming, dicing and dissecting.
  5. Cutting mats

    Cutting mats

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    These three-layer PVC mats in a sandwich structure ensure no cracking or warping.
  6. Insect pins
  7. Mounted pins

    Mounted pins

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    Mounted pins in aluminium or plastic handles, for dissection and general specimen handling.

  8. Dissecting Pins, Box of 10

    Dissecting Pins, Box of 10

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    Pins mounted in large flat plastic head with indicator label.

    Part no: AGL4124

  9. Blades for brain matrices

    Blades for Brain Matrices, Pack of 25

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    Single edge carbon steel blades for use with brain matrices

    Part no: AGT5019

  10. Razor blades

    Razor blades

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    Single edge backed blades suitable for block trimming and specimen preparation.
  11. Razor blade holder

    Razor blade holder

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    A simple device designed to safely hold unbacked single edge razor blades.
  12. Scalpel handles

    Scalpel handles

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    Swann-Morton stainless steel scalpel handles hold replaceable blades, suitable for a variety of cutting work.
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-12 of 31