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Compact, low temperature ovens operating in the temperature range 40 to 250°C. They may be used for heat staining, keeping specimens warm, slide drying and pre-warming of moulds.

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  1. Compact embedding oven

    Compact Embedding Oven - 6 litre

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    A compact embedding oven ideally suited to polymerisation of resins in a fume cupboard.

    Part no: AGB7606

  2. General purpose oven

    General Purpose Oven - 18 litre

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    Highly efficient and reliable oven for cost effective drying, warming and general laboratory applications.

    Part no: AGB7608

  3. Embedding oven

    Embedding oven

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    Compact embedding oven with high thermal capacity, giving excellent thermal stability.
  4. Vacuum Oven Lid

    Vacuum Oven Lid

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    Lid to convert the embedding oven (AGB702/AGB703) into a vacuum oven, ideal for the polymerisation of resins in a vacuum or inert atmosphere, and for wax impregnation of specimens.

    Part no: AGB705

  5. Cryo Chamber External

    UVC3 Cryo Chamber

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    Cryo Chamber specifically designed for cryo specimen preparation.

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