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  1. Glass Petri dishes

    Glass Petri dishes

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    Glass Petri dishes with lids, available in borosilicate or Pyrex® glass.
  2. Compartmented Petri dishes

    Compartmented Petri dishes

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    These Petri dishes originally designed for segregating different culture media are very useful for keeping small quantities of samples and specimens.
  3. Vitrobot Filter Paper

    Blotting paper - Vitrobot

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    Standard Vitrobot Filter Paper.

    Part no: AG47000-100

  4. Thin Replicating Tape, 22µm, 38mm wide x 4.5m long, 1-1/2" x 15 ft

    Thin Replicating Tape, 22µm, 38mm wide x 4.5m long, 1-1/2" x 15 ft

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    Cellulose acetate tape provides a quick and convenient way for replicating surfaces particularly from samples which can not be sectioned or investigated directly.

    Part no: AG44841

  5. Storage Tubes for Pin Type Stubs up to 38mm dia

    Storage Tubes for Pin Stubs up to 38mm dia (Pack of 10)

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    Storage tubes for pin type SEM stubs up to 38mm diameter.

    Part no: AGG3636WN

  6. Pestle and mortar

    Pestle and mortar 80mm dia

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    Porcelain pestle and mortar with unglazed grinding surfaces.

    Part no: AGG3527

  7. Agate pestle and mortar set

    Agate pestle and mortar set

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    Agate pestle and mortar set, recommended for use with very hard samples.
  8. Weighing boats

    Weighing boats

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    Diamond-shaped disposable weighing boats made from high impact polystyrene.
  9. Anti-static weighing boats

    Anti-static weighing boats. Pack of 250

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    Weighing boats made of anti-static material.

    Part no: AGG3934

  10. Aluminium dishes

    Aluminium dishes

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    Disposable aluminium resin embedding dishes with finger grip handle
  11. Ampoule snappers

    Ampoule snappers

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    A safe and simple way to break open ampoules.

    Part no: AGC889

  12. Rigid wall ampoule snappers

    Rigid wall ampoule snappers

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    Rigid wall disposable ampoule snappers.
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Items 1-12 of 55