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  1. Carestream electron microscope film

    Kodak/Carestream electron microscope film

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    Kodak/Carestream electron microscope films are designed to offer high image quality for a wide range of transmission electron micrography (TEM) and electron diffraction studies.
  2. Photographic papers

    Photographic papers

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    Ilford photographic papers are stocked in boxes of 100 sheets. Other sizes and grades if available can be supplied on request.
  3. Ilford emulsions for autoradiography

    Ilford emulsions for autoradiography

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    Ilford offers nuclear emulsions with either 0.20µm (K) or 0.11µm (L) crystal diameters, depending on the viewing system and activity of the isotope used.
  4. Kodak NTB emulsion for autoradiography

    Kodak NTB emulsion for autoradiography

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    Kodak manufactures nuclear emulsion type NTB for use in the detection of radioactively labelled samples eg. in situ hybridisation.

    Part no: AGP9284

  5. Developers - Ilford
  6. Developers - Kodak
  7. Fixers


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  8. Wetting agents
  9. Ilfostop Stop Bath
  10. Developing trays

    Developing trays

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    Developing trays moulded from thick polypropylene.
  11. Digital thermometer

    Digital thermometer

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    Battery operated digital thermometer with stainless steel probe.

    Part no: AGP9463

  12. Viewing boxes

    Viewing boxes

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    Viewing boxes for examining micrographs and slides.
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-12 of 16