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  1. Microtome oil

    Microtome oil, 50ml

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    Part no: AGL4150

  2. Precision oil lubricator

    Precision oil lubricator

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    This lubricator contains lightweight oil suitable for precision work and delivers small droplets as required.

    Part no: AGT5416

  3. Apiezon greases

    Apiezon greases

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    We offer a range of Apiezon Greases: Apiezon H, Apiezon M, Apiezon N and Apiezon T. All have individual and specific uses - Please see Description for more information.
  4. Fomblin Rt15 Grease
  5. Fomblinised rotary pump oil

    Fomblinised rotary pump oil

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    For use in fomblinised rotary pumps where reactive gases are present, and where standard rotary pump oils are not appropriate.
  6. Rotary pump oil

    Rotary pump oil

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    This range of Ultragrade® oils replaces all previous types and gives improved vacuum performance.
  7. Oil mist filters

    Oil mist filters

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    Filters are available for the removal of oil mist from vacuum pump exhaust gases
  8. Cargille immersion oils

    Cargille immersion oils

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    Cargille immersion oil types A, B, DF and FF
  9. Lion S oil

    Lion S oil

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    This is recommended as the standard diffusion pump oil in many Japanese electron microscopes.
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9 Item(s)