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  1. AGT5374 - 120ml pink

    Solvent Dispensers

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    These solvent dispensers are made from ESD-safe polyethylene.
  2. AGC8010

    Dust-Off Plus

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    Dust-Off Plus can be used for cleaning microscope parts, specimens, photographic materials and other laboratory equipment.
  3. AGC8018 Eco-Superior Duster

    Eco-Superior Duster

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    Non-flammable duster - for eco-confidence.
  4. Dust-Off JR (AGC8044)

    Dust-Off disposable Cans

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    Compact disposable Dust-Off® Plus cans available in three different sizes.
  5. Kontakt IPA

    Kontakt IPA

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    Kontakt IPA is 99.7% pure isopropanol in an aerosol, which can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser.

    Part no: AGC8046

  6. Kontakt 40

    Kontakt 40 Multipurpose Lubricant

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    This multipurpose aerosol spray acts as a lubricant, water displacer and corrosion protector.

    Part no: AGC8047

  7. Bell Shine Spray

    Bell Shine Spray 115ml

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    Part no: AGG3462

  8. Label Off 50

    Label Off 50

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    Label Off 50 is a convenient aerosol spray for removing self-adhesive labels where mechanical removal may cause damage.

    Part no: AGC8045

  9. Ecosolve NPB

    Ecosolve NPB

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    Ecosolve NPB is a non-flammable, fast drying solvent blend which is based on a combination of alkyl bromide with stabilisers.

    Part no: AGG3359

  10. Anti-static cleaning foam

    Anti-static cleaning foam

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    This general purpose anti-static aerosol spray gently cleans washable surfaces with a safe, non-abrasive foaming action.

    Part no: AGC8048

  11. Barrier and reconditioning creams

    Barrier and reconditioning creams

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    Deb barrier and reconditioning creams.
  12. 3M? Citrus cleaner, adhesive remover spray

    3M Citrus cleaner, adhesive remover spray

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    3M Citrus cleaner is a powerful aerosol spray cleaner that can be used to remove grease, tar and residue from adhesive labels.

    Part no: AGC8068

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Items 1-12 of 47