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  1. Loctite® 460 sample bonding adhesive

    Loctite 460 sample bonding adhesive, 50g.

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    Loctite® 460 is a fast curing, low odour, low viscosity glue which can be used as an alternative to wax for mounting samples on glass for TEM/FIB thinning.

    Part no: AGG3204-50

  2. Biopunch coring tool designed to core, punch & retrieve samples

    Biopunch, 9 core diameters: 1.5mm - 8mm

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    The Biopunch is a coring tool designed to core, punch and retrieve samples from thin or soft substrate source materials such as tissue, gels, paper, cloth, leaves, paint chips and films

  3. Diamond Grids

    Diamond Grids

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    Diamond grids are made of pure synthetic diamond, and are used with heat sensitive samples.
  4. M-Bond? 610 adhesive

    M-Bond 610 adhesive

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    M-Bond 610 is a non-conductive, two-component, solvent-thinned epoxy-phenolic adhesive for high performance applications.
  5. FIB SEM mould for biological specimens

    FIB SEM mould for biological specimens

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    This silicone rubber mould has been developed in collaboration with Cancer Research UK's London laboratories.

    Part no: AGG3504

  6. Chien staining pad

    Chien staining pad

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    Flexible silicone pad designed for staining grids, as well as holding tabbed grids, Omniprobe grids and samples.

    Part no: AGG3766

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6 Item(s)