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  1. FIB grid storage box

    FIB grid storage box

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    A storage box for four FIB lift-out grids or half grids.

    Part no: AGG3719

  2. Lift-out grid storage box

    Lift-out grid storage box

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    The storage box holds up to 100, horizontally stored, standard 3mm lift-out TEM grids.

    Part no: AGJ430

  3. Loctite® 460 sample bonding adhesive

    Loctite 460 sample bonding adhesive, 50g.

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    Loctite® 460 is a fast curing, low odour, low viscosity glue which can be used as an alternative to wax for mounting samples on glass for TEM/FIB thinning.

    Part no: AGG3204-50

  4. FIB prepared, ultra-thin TEM sectioning service

    FIB prepared TEM sectioning service

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    FIB prepared TEM sections (Foils/Lamella) prepared from your sample.
  5. Biopunch coring tool designed to core, punch & retrieve samples

    Biopunch, 9 core diameters: 1.5mm - 8mm

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    The Biopunch is a coring tool designed to core, punch and retrieve samples from thin or soft substrate source materials such as tissue, gels, paper, cloth, leaves, paint chips and films

  6. FIB prepared Micro Cross Sectioning and Imaging Service

    FIB prepared Micro-Cross Sectioning and Imaging Service

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    FIB can precisely locate and section a feature on a sample and directly take images of it.

  7. Critical dimension (CD) calibration test specimens - 10-5-2-1-0.5µm structure

    Critical dimension (CD) calibration test specimens - 10-5-2-1-0.5um structure

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    This CD calibration test specimen comprises five line patterns, each one clearly identified by its pitch.
  8. Thinning coupons

    Thinning coupons

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    Omniprobe copper TEM sample grid coupons of 45 and 26.5° are available for frontside and backside thinning.

  9. Standard probe tips

    Standard probe tips

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    Standard probe tips are available as all-tungsten or with nickel shanks, and have a taper angle designed to ensure extended life.
  10. Low profile pin stubs for FIB applications

    SEM Specimen Stubs, 12.7mm dia, low profile

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    These low profile aluminium pin stubs are available as flat or 90°, as well as with specific angles to accommodate specimens with small working distances in FIB applications.

  11. Fib lift-out grids

    FIB lift-out grids. Pack of 25

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    These are half-grid lift-out TEM sample holders for FIB applications, made of copper/beryllium.

    Part no: AGJ460

  12. Diamond Grids

    Diamond Grids

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    Diamond grids are made of pure synthetic diamond, and are used with heat sensitive samples.
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Items 1-12 of 38