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  1. Nalgene cryoware labels

    Nalgene cryoware labels

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    Nalgene® cloth labels are specifically designed to adhere to plastic and cardboard at ultra low temperatures.

    Part no: AGG3731

  2. Para-Tissuer and Fro-Tissuer pens

    Para-Tissuer and Fro-Tissuer Pens

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    Pens providing a sticky membrane, stable up to 120°C / 110°C, which stops paraffin sections moving, wrinkling or falling off slides.
  3. Statmark lab marker pen

    STATMARK™ Black Marker Pen Pk 12

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    The STATMARK™ Pen is the ideal black marker for histology and cytology labs.

    Part no: AG22313

  4. Tissue capture pen

    Tissue capture pen

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    Tissue capture pen for use with frozen or paraffin sections, stable up to 110°C.

    Part no: AGL4370

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4 Item(s)