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Fibre optic illuminators, halogen

A high intensity, heat-free and directional light source is desirable for the preparation and viewing of samples and specimens.

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The 150W light source of the KL 1500 LCD offers a continuously adjustable range of light intensities and colour temperatures. The colour temperature is displayed on an LCD screen. For photographic applications, the brightness can be adjusted while maintaining constant colour temperature. A built-in heat filter removes the infra-red component of the bulb output, and coloured filters can be used as desired.

An extensive range of light guides and filters to suit a wide variety of illumination tasks is available. Flexible light guides allow easy adjustment, while swan-neck guides are also self-supporting. Multi-branch versions allow illumination from a number of directions and with different colours if required. Ring lights can be mounted onto the objective lens of a stereo microscope to provide shadow-free illumination.

Internal filters are used when the same colour is required at all light guide outlets. Colour filters and/or a focusing lens can be fitted to the end of the swan-neck and flexible light guides using the focusing attachment.

Please note: some of the attachments for the KL 1500 LCD are not compatible with the KL 1500-ELECTRONIC, KL 1500-T and KL 150B. To order accessories for the older models, please specify model at the time of ordering. Please ask for a full detailed list of available light guides, ring lights, filter and focusing accessories.

Description Code Stock Unit Price Qty
Fibre Optic Illuminator 150w 230/240v AGO6400 Lead time:
21 days
Swan-Neck Light Guide - 1 Branch AGO6401 Lead time:
14 days
Swan-Neck Light Guide - 2 Branch AGO6402 Lead time:
30 days
Swan-Neck Light Guide - 3 Branch AGO6403 Lead time:
30 days
150W Halogen Light Bulb AGO6421 In Stock EA

Fibre optic illuminators, halogen