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Metal Cryo Grid Box


Metal grid storage boxes designed for use in cryogenic conditions.

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Skilfully designed and refined with the microscopist in mind, Agar Scientific's new metal cryo grid box is designed for practical, easy access grid storage in cryogenic conditions.

  • Manufactured in durable and shatter-proof cryo grade Aluminium throughout 
  • Numbered wells 1-4, all made to accommodate autogrid rings and standard TEM grids allowing easy tweezer access
  • Pin-type lid with unique step to prevent pick-up tools from sliding down or getting caught
  • Compatible with auto grid rings and Thermo Fisher Scientific loading system
  • Reduce electrostatic charging
  • Can be cleaned with solvents or autoclave to avoid cross-contamination when re-using grid box
  • Robust materials used for a long-life 
  • Optional Cryo-Gripper (AGT1002) for easy retrieval


These grid boxes are available individually serialised for accurate, secure record keeping. A minimum order quantity will apply, please contact sales for more information.

Description Code Stock Unit Price Qty
Metal Cryo Grid Box AGG1001 In Stock EA
Cryo-Gripper AGT1002 In Stock EA

Metal Cryo Grid Box

  • Metal Cryo Grid Box
  • Metal Cryo Grid Box and Cryo-Gripper
  • Metal Cryo Grid Box and Cryo-Gripper