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Epoxy Cold Mounting Resin 603


Epoxy cold mounting resins for complex specimens, porous specimens or specimens with delicate coatings.

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This resin is a two-component epoxy resin without any CMR substances and is used to achieve high quality mountings at room temperature. The 603 cold mounting resin is recommended when transparency of the coating is a requirement.

  • Zero shrinkage
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of materials
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Used to mount complex specimens, porous specimens, or specimens with delicate coatings
  • Solvent and CMR free (no carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction substances)

Available as Cold Resin 603 Liquid 1L (AGG6478), Cold Resin 603 Hardener 500ml (AGG6481) or as a kit (AGG6415).

Cold Mounting Resin Characteristics
Material Resin Characteristics Volumetrically shrinkage Colour Polymerisation
Acrylic 601.2 Liquid monocomponent        Low heating Very low Transparent Curing < 20 min in the blue lightening device+10 min for the varnish
Epoxy 603 No heating Non-existent if used with pressure device M.M.806 Transparent Curing 10 hours
Methyl methacrylate 605 Versatility Correct Green Fast Curing < 10 min
Methyl methacrylate 609 Excellent transparency if used with pressure device M.M.806 Correct Transparent = colourless + 5 colours (series Plastichrome) Fast Curing < 10 min
Modified polyester 607 Hardness Very Low (<0.2%) Beige Fast Curing < 15 min
Modified polyester 608 Hardness Very Low (<0.2%) Green Fast Curing < 10 min

Description Code Stock Unit Price Qty
Cold Resin 603 Liquid 1L AGG6478 Lead time:
10 days
Cold Resin 603 Hardener 500 mL AGG6481 Lead time:
10 days
Cold Resin Epoxy 603 Kit 1.5kg AGG6415 Lead time:
10 days

Epoxy Cold Mounting EM Resin

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