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HOPG and mica have long been used in the SPM community, not only for mounting samples but also for calibration on the atomic scale. Precious metal substrates of gold, silver and platinum are also available. 

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  1. AFM Mica Discs

    AFM Mica Discs

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    Available in four different diameters.
  2. AFM/STM Metal Specimen Discs
  3. Specimen discs

    Specimen discs

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    High quality magnetic stainless steel (alloy 430) discs for mounting AFM specimens are available.
  4. Highly ordered pyrolytic graphite (HOPG)

    Highly ordered pyrolytic graphite (HOPG)

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    HOPG is widely used as a substrate for specimens to be examined in scanning probe microscopy.

  5. Mica

    Mica Sheets

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    Freshly cleaved ruby muscovite mica surfaces are extremely even and flat.
  6. Gold coated substrates

    Gold coated substrates

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    PLATYPUS gold-coated substrates are prepared in an electron beam evaporator in a dedicated clean environment, to prevent contamination of the gold film, and using a titanium adhesion layer on plasma cleaned surfaces.
  7. Arrandee? gold-coated substrates

    Arrandee gold-coated substrates

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    Arrandee gold-coated substrates use a borosilicate glass base of 0.7mm thickness.
  8. Silicon nitride coated discs (blanks)

    Silicon nitride coated discs (blanks)

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    These 200µm thick 3mm silicon support discs have a low stress, ultra-flat 50nm layer of silicon nitride on both sides.
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8 Item(s)