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Calibration standards

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  1. MRS-3 reference standard

    Geller reference standards MRS-3

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    The MRS-3 is a universal magnification calibration standard suitable for a wide range of instrumentation including scanning, optical reflection and transmission, scanning probe and confocal microscopy.
  2. MRS-4 Reference standard

    Geller reference standards MRS-4

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    For high magnification calibration, two additional nested squares with pitches of 1 and 0.5µm extend the useful calibration range to x200,000.
  3. MRS-6 Reference Standards

    Geller reference standards MRS-6

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    A fifth generation, NIST and NPL Traceable, Magnification Reference Standard & Stage Micrometer. For Instrument Calibration from 1,500X – 1,000,000X (80nm min. pitch).
  4. 145nm AFM Reference Standard

    145nm AFM Reference Standard for AFM

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    The 145nm pitch is accurate to ±1nm.
  5. High resolution AFM reference standards

    292nm pitch resolution reference standards for AFM

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    292nm pitch reference standard for very high resolution calibration of AFM.
  6. 2-D holographic array standards

    2-D holographic array standards

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    2-D holographic array standards for simultaneous calibration of X and Y axes.
  7. Highly ordered pyrolytic graphite (HOPG)

    Highly ordered pyrolytic graphite (HOPG)

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    HOPG is widely used as a substrate for specimens to be examined in scanning probe microscopy.

  8. Gold calibration kit

    Gold calibration kit

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    Gold colloids of known size provide a reliable means of characterising tip geometry and calibrating the Z-axis to piezoelectric response.
  9. Calibration gratings - TGXYZ series

    Calibration gratings - TGXYZ series

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    Calibration gratings arrays of different structures comprising rectangular silicon dioxide steps on a silicon wafer.

  10. SEM image of a TGX01 grating

    Grating type TGX

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    The TGX series silicon calibration grating is an array of square holes with sharp undercut edges formed by the (110) crystallographic planes of silicon. The typical radius of the edges is less than 5 nm
  11. Calibration grating sets TGS

    Calibration grating sets TGS

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    Sets of calibration gratings and test structures are available to suit different requirements.
  12. SEM image of a AGF1840 grating

    Calibration gratings

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    The calibration gratings feature one-dimensional arrays of trapezoidal steps etched into a silicon substrate.

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Items 1-12 of 17